Rebecca Shuttleworth


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my story


I have always had a passion for expressing emotions, thoughts, and ideas with art. From the time I could hold a pencil, I would draw or colour in my many colouring books at any spare moment. Art certainly was a passion for me, which naturally progressed to art lessons. At eleven years of age, I began taking lessons outside of school with Jane Romanishko. Jane taught me the basic methods of pencil, watercolour, and pastel; pastel being my favourite. After five years of lessons with Jane; my high school art teacher, Ms. Wright, helped me grow further as an artist. I am grateful for all I have learned from both teachers, and most importantly for their positive guidance which spared me from discouragement.

Currently; I have started entering competitions, accepting commissions, and drawing original pieces. This year, I entered the piece, A Cowgirl's Summer Day, into the 2014 Calgary Stampede Grade 12 Western Art Scholarship competition. I was truly honoured and delighted when my piece was selected for first place of the scholarship's rural division. I was then invited to a youth workshop in the late summer, where I will learn from a few well known Canadian artists.

I am excited to continue expanding my skills, and begin sharing my artwork with a wider audience.